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Table 1 Model parameters, assuming only decay constants k3 (NanoLUC) and k4 (LUC) differ between reporters

From: Expanding the bioluminescent reporter toolkit for plant science with NanoLUC

Parameter Value Units Source Process
k 1 50 cps h−1 Fitted Translation
k 2 0.8 h−1 Fitted BOA decay
k 3 0.0121 h−1 Experimental NanoLUC decay
k 4 0.15 h−1 Fitted LUC decay
a 0.004 h−1 Fitted Furimazine decay
  1. Fitting the parameters show that is possible to replicate the signal in Fig. 4d. NanoLUC decay rate was obtained by scaling the experimentally determined rate assuming a Q10 = 2.5 as plate reader experiments were conducted at 21 °C. The NL decay trend could possibly be explained by decay in the furimazine concentration, for which a exponential decay was introduced. Troein et al. [39] estimated a LUC decay constant of ~ 0.183 h−1 in Ostreococcus tauri