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Fig. 3

From: Comparative Subsequence Sets Analysis (CoSSA) is a robust approach to identify haplotype specific SNPs; mapping and pedigree analysis of a potato wart disease resistance gene Sen3

Fig. 3

Genetic and physical maps of the resistant haplotype. a Physical map of the three longest scaffolds of the R-haplotype de novo assembly. b Genetic map of the resistance region in a subset (n = 83) of the Kuba x Ludmilla population. The chromosome 0 scaffold could be anchored to the resistance interval. The analysis of recombinants allowed to fine-map the region flanked by chr11_1259552 and chr11_1772869. The markers developed without using the potato reference genome are underlined. c Genetic map of the resistance region in the full Kuba x Ludmilla population (n = 328). The resistance locus was fine-mapped to an interval between chr11_1259552 and chr11_1519485. d Physical map of the chromosome 11 first 6 Mb region. The KASP markers developed to screen the Kuba x Ludmilla population are in black on the right of the haplotype and on the left are the NLR clusters [7]. The markers in grey are the markers used to map Sen1 (Nl25 and Nl27) [16, 18] and to map Karolin’s resistance (solcap markers and SSCP13) [22]

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