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Fig. 2

From: Comparative Subsequence Sets Analysis (CoSSA) is a robust approach to identify haplotype specific SNPs; mapping and pedigree analysis of a potato wart disease resistance gene Sen3

Fig. 2

Comparative subsequence sets analysis in the K*L population. The R-bulk specific k-mers from three different sets are mapped to the 12 chromosomes of DM and to the unanchored scaffolds (chromosome 0, v4.03). For each chromosome, the average of the number of R-bulk specific k-mers mapped has been calculated and for each 1 Mb bin, the number of k-mers mapped from each set has been transformed to a percentage of the chromosome average. a Number of NLR genes per bin (1 Mb) from the DM genome according to [7]. b R-bulk specific k-mers minus k-mers present in the susceptible varieties inherited from Kuba (ymax = 1208%), c the k-mers inherited from Ludmilla (ymax = 469%), d the k-mers inherited from both parents (ymax = 516%), e intersection of the k-mers from b with the k-mers from BRA9089 (ymax = 428%), f intersection of the k-mers from b with the k-mers from Bzura (ymax = 1205%). The arrows indicate the validated resistance loci and the position of the DMB734 scaffold

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