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Fig. 1

From: Agrobacterium rhizogenes-induced soybean hairy roots versus Soybean mosaic virus (ARISHR-SMV) is an efficient pathosystem for studying soybean–virus interactions

Fig. 1

The transformation procedure and culture of soybean hairy roots under aseptic conditions. a The spotless soybean seeds were surface sterilized using chlorine gas in a desiccator. b The peeling seeds grow to about 6 cm high in 7% agar medium. The performance of cotyledon tissues on 4 days (c), 10 days (d), 12 days (e), 15 days (f), and 19 days (g) after infection with A. rhizogenes strain K599. h Soybean hairy roots grown from calluses were cut and transferred to White’s medium

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