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TableĀ 2 Examples of input data files for OrthoClust analysis

From: Comparing time series transcriptome data between plants using a network module finding algorithm

(A) (B) (C)
Row Column Row Column Soybean gene Arabidopsis gene
Glyma.01G006400 Glyma.01G016500 AT1G01540 AT1G05350 Glyma.01G001300 AT2G07050
Glyma.01G021300 Glyma.01G021400 AT1G06040 AT1G06150 Glyma.01G005800 AT4G29310
Glyma.01G019400 Glyma.01G022500 AT1G01720 AT1G07400 Glyma.01G006100 AT4G26300
Glyma.01G015400 Glyma.01G026700 AT1G05230 AT1G07570 Glyma.01G010100 AT1G32090
Glyma.01G025100 Glyma.01G026700 AT1G02660 AT1G08230 Glyma.01G015400 AT2G35470
Glyma.01G025100 Glyma.01G028900 AT1G01090 AT1G08510 Glyma.01G019400 AT5G65670
  1. There are three inputs: two co-expression networks of (A) soybean and (B) Arabidopsis, (C) orthologous pairs between soybean and Arabidopsis.