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Fig. 3

From: Comparing time series transcriptome data between plants using a network module finding algorithm

Fig. 3

Visualization of module 8 from OrthoClust result. In this network, Circle 1 and 4 stand for groups of genes from Arabidopsis and soybeans that do not have orthology in the other species and only co-expression partner from the same species. Circle 2 and 3 denote genes have orthologous partner in the other species as well as their co-expression partners from the same species. Green nodes are genes from Arabidopsis, and red from soybean. Edges from co-expression network of Arabidopsis are green, and those of soybeans are red. Black double lined edges indicate homologous pairs between soybean and Arabidopsis genes. Four genes from raffinose biosynthesis pathways are highlighted in blue color and their homologous pairs have thicker edges

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