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TableĀ 2 List of 20 gymnosperm plastomes from GenBank used to test the performance of PGA

From: PGA: a software package for rapid, accurate, and flexible batch annotation of plastomes

Species Family Size (bp) Accession no.
Amentotaxus formosana Taxaceae 136,430 NC_024945
Araucaria heterophylla Araucariaceae 146,723 NC_026450
Callitris rhomboidea Cupressaceae 121,117 NC_034940
Cephalotaxus wilsoniana Cephalotaxaceae 136,196 NC_016063
Cryptomeria japonica Cupressaceae 131,810 NC_010548
Cunninghamia lanceolata Cupressaceae 135,334 NC_021437
Cycas taitungensis Cycadaceae 163,403 NC_009618
Dacrycarpus imbricatus Podocarpaceae 133,811 NC_034942
Dioon spinulosum Zamiaceae 161,815 NC_027512
Ginkgo biloba Ginkgoaceae 156,988 NC_016986
Juniperus communis Cupressaceae 128,334 NC_035068
Metasequoia glyptostroboides Cupressaceae 131,887 NC_027423
Podocarpus totara Podocarpaceae 133,259 NC_020361
Retrophyllum piresii Podocarpaceae 133,291 NC_024827
Sciadopitys verticillata Sciadopityaceae 138,284 NC_029734
Sequoia sempervirens Cupressaceae 133,929 NC_030372
Taiwania flousiana Cupressaceae 131,413 NC_021441
Taxodium distichum Cupressaceae 131,954 NC_034941
Torreya grandis Taxaceae 136,949 NC_034806
Wollemia nobilis Araucariaceae 145,630 NC_027235