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Fig. 3

From: PGA: a software package for rapid, accurate, and flexible batch annotation of plastomes

Fig. 3

A description of the Intron Boundary Detection Algorithm (IBDA), which locates intron boundaries and detects intron loss for Protein-Coding Genes (PCGs). Panels (a) through (d) correspond to the description of this algorithm in the “Boundary detection algorithm” section of the main text. The blue bar denotes the original HSP resulting from TBLASTN search of the reference CDS. The red bar denotes the annotated PCG resulting from this algorithm. The green bar denotes the reference CDS with the highest percent identity to the target plastome. The “M” (methionine) and “*” denote the start (ATG) and stop (TAA/TAG/TGA) codons, as annotated by GBDA

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