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Fig. 8

From: A high-throughput amplicon-based method for estimating outcrossing rates

Fig. 8

Frequency of the two alternative parental haplotypes in reads for amplicon 6 (Carubv10023818 m). Frequencies of the two alternative parental haplotypes at locus Carubv10023818 m (termed ‘P1 (G)’ and ‘P2 (R)’) is plotted for the samples carrying the C. grandiflora allele (CNL1_G) or the C. rubella allele (CNL1_R) in the CNL1 region, respectively. Samples are separated according to the protection net they were under. ‘none’ indicates samples from selfed parental plants grown in the absence of animal pollinators. Note that only the two parental haplotypes were considered for this analysis. Statistical analysis by paired t-test between the two genotypes under bird nets or between the two genotypes under insect nets did not detect any significant difference. Similarly, comparison of all samples under bird nets with all samples under insect nets by a Welch two-sample t-test did not find a significant difference

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