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Fig. 6

From: A high-throughput amplicon-based method for estimating outcrossing rates

Fig. 6

Non-parental haplotype frequencies across the amplicons. Non-parental haplotype frequencies are plotted across the 11 amplicons. Amplicons are indicated by numbers ‘1′ to ‘12’, according to Table 1. Paired results for each of the three replicated blocks under the bird nets (‘bird’) and insect nets (‘insect’) are shown, with replicates numbered 1 to 3. ‘G’ and ‘R’ indicate samples homozygous for the C. grandiflora allele or the C. rubella allele in the CNL1 region, respectively. For amplicon 6, only those haplotypes were counted as non-parental that were distinct from those found in either of the parental lines. The results of statistical comparisons between the two genotypes under one type of net and between all samples under bird versus under insect nets are given in Additional file 3: Table S3

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