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Fig. 3

From: A high-throughput amplicon-based method for estimating outcrossing rates

Fig. 3

Examples for qPCR amplification traces. For a, b blue trace is the undiluted sample, red trace is 1:10 dilution, green is 1:100 and purple trace is 1:1000 dilution. DNA concentrations were low enough to not overamplify within 20 cycles. For more detailed information about cherry-picking using a robot please refer to the protocol provided by Gohl and colleagues [32]. a Undiluted sample (blue) is in mid-exponential phase and was used for further steps. 1:10 dilution is in early-exponential phase, the two lowest dilutions show no amplification. b Undiluted sample (blue) is in early-to-mid-exponential phase and was used for further steps. Other dilutions did not amplify. c Water blank control

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