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Table 3 Pearson correlation analysis of extracted indices with selected wavelengths

From: Using hyperspectral analysis as a potential high throughput phenotyping tool in GWAS for protein content of rice quality

R2 Formula R2 Formula R2 Formula
GC (mm) 0.21 R1730/R1731 0.21 (R1731-R1730)/(R1731 + R1730) 0.26 R2208-R2203
PC (%) 0.66 R1227/R1177 0.68 (R1227-R1177)/(R1227 + R1177)a 0.67 R1227-R1177
AC (%) 0.24 R1638/R1799 0.24 (R1639-R1799)/(R1639 + R1799) 0.31 R2028-R2002
  1. aNDSI was selected for correlation analysis and GWAS