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Table 2 Estimated aboveground biomass (AGB) and panicle biomass (PB) in rice by random forest (RF) method

From: Dynamic monitoring of biomass of rice under different nitrogen treatments using a lightweight UAV with dual image-frame snapshot cameras

Camera type Features Estimation AGB PB
RGB VDVI, NGRDI, VARI, GRRI, VEG, MGRVI, Hcsm r2 0.85 0.48
   RMSEP 0.23 0.13
   RRMSE 15.57% 16.93%
Multispectral NDSI, SR, MNDSI r2 0.83 0.53
   RMSEP 0.25 0.12
   RRMSE 17.02% 14.91%
RGB + multispectral VDVI, NGRDI, VARI, GRRI, VEG, MGRVI, NDSI, SR, MNDSI, Hcsm r2 0.90 0.64
   RMSEP 0.21 0.11
   RRMSE 14.05% 13.74%
  1. The r2, RMSEP and RRMSE represent the coefficient of determination, the prediction of root mean square error and relative RMSE, respectively