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Fig. 2

From: Alternative methods of estimating the water potential at turgor loss point in Acer genotypes

Fig. 2

Showing πtlp for each method, Vapro and WP4 are reported as πtlp (P–V) following conversion using Eq. 2. Error bars show standard error. Letters denote significant differences (Duncan multiple range test) between cultivars nested in method at the 95% confidence interval. A. platanoides ‘Drummondii’, A. p. ‘Emerald Queen’, A. p. ‘Royal Red’, A. p. ‘Princeton Gold’ and A. pseudoplatanus ‘Negenia’. Between species analysis for each measurement method p ≤ 0.001 for Vapro and WP4C, p = 0.938 for P–V πtlp

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