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Table 1 Concentration of DNA in different solutions containing or not MILs determined by fluorimetric detection

From: Development of an innovative and sustainable one-step method for rapid plant DNA isolation for targeted PCR using magnetic ionic liquids

  Blank solution (only buffer) Test solution (solution with purified Genomic DNA from A. thaliana)
No MIL < 0.2 ng/µl 0.491 ng/µl
Ni-containing MIL < 0.2 ng/µl 0.249 ng/µl
Mn-containing MIL < 0.2 ng/µl 0.531 ng/µl
Co-containing MIL < 0.2 ng/µl 0.627 ng/µl
  1. Instrumental limit of detection: 0.2 ng/µl