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Table 1 The six maize key growth stages used in this study and their corresponding dates

From: Evaluating maize phenotype dynamics under drought stress using terrestrial lidar

Date Days since sowing Days of drought stressa Growth stageb
2016-06-20 40 D20 V6
2016-07-05 55 D35 V10–V11
2016-07-14 65 D45 VT
2016-07-29 80 D60 R1
2016-08-07 90 D70 R2–R3
2016-09-01 115 D95 R6
  1. aDays of drought stress were counted since May 31st, 2016 (D0) when all maize plants were not watered anymore
  2. bThe growing stage was determined by the standard provided by Bondesio et al. [9]. V6 represents the stage that plants have 5 leaves, growth point is 20–25 mm below the ground, and cob and tassel is at initiation stage; V10–V11 represents the stage of cob development with around 10–11 leaves; VT represents the beginning of pollination stage; R1 represents the end of pollination stage; R2–R3 represents the stage of kernel development; R6 represents the end of mass grain stage and plants are ready for being harvested