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Fig. 2

From: Molecular identification of a root apical cell-specific and stress-responsive enhancer from an Arabidopsis enhancer trap line

Fig. 2

Schematic diagrams of five truncated versions and predicted important cis-elements of putative root-tip specific promoters/enhancers. a Designing of to-be-cloned five different versions of putative root-tip specific promoters/enhancers from J3411 line. Ertip1, Ertip1 + 35Smini, Ertip2, Ertip2 + 35Smini and Ertip3, DNA fragments (with 2000 bp, 2093 bp, 955 bp, 1048 bp and 1040 bp) derived respectively from the plant genomic DNA 2000 bp upstream of the insert site of the coding T-DNA, the 2000 bp sequence plus 93 bp from the T-DNA across the right border and minimal 35S promotor TATA-box (termed here as 35S mini), 955 bp upstream of the insert site of the coding T-DNA, the 955 bp sequence tagged with 93 bp 35S mini, 2000 bp to 906 bp upstream of the insert site of the coding T-DNA. Arrows indicate the coding direction of genes (e.g. GAL4 and GFP) in the T-DNA. b Prediction of cis-acting elements in a putative root-tip specific promoter/enhancer Ertip1. Sequence motif prediction was conducted using “PLACE” and “PlantCARE” online-service (see “Methods” section). OSE2ROOTNODULE, a sequence motif related to the promoter activated in infected cells of root nodules; AGCBOXNPGLB and GCCCORE, elements involved in the ethylene responsiveness; ARR1AT, a binding element of the response regulator ARR1; CPBCSPOR, dealing with cytokinin response; DOFCOREZM, for the binding of Dof proteins involved in tissue-specific transcriptional enhancement; TATAPVTRNALE, involved in transcription re-initiation; ROOTMOTIFTAPOX1, related to root-specific gene expression; ABRE, involving the ABA function; TCA, a cis-element dealing with salicylic-acid action; TATC and GAREAE, a binding domain related to the gibberellin responsiveness. Such critical cis-elements with their rough positions in the putative root-specific enhancer(s) are indicated using different color bars

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