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Fig. 1

From: Molecular identification of a root apical cell-specific and stress-responsive enhancer from an Arabidopsis enhancer trap line

Fig. 1

Identification of T-DNA inserts in J3411 and inspection of expression patterns of the T-DNA-flanking genes. a Two T-DNA insertion sites were detected at two different positions in the genome of the enhancer-trap line J3411. In J3411 plants, GAL4/UAS-dependent green florescent protein-derived signal was shown in the root tip region (Fig. 3f). Nest PCR, DNA sequencing and sequence homologous BLAST search were performed to characterize the position(s) of the T-DNA insert and its flanking genes (see “Methods” section). Arrows indicate the coding direction. b Transcriptional patterns of the T-DNA flanking genes i.e. At1g25340, At1g25350, At2g36370 and At2g36380 in varied tissues or at different developmental stages. Only At2g36380 was shown to be highly transcribed in roots. Transcript data were extracted from AtGenExpress ( [34])

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