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Fig. 2

From: Selection of the optimal reference genes for expression analyses in different materials of Eriobotrya japonica

Fig. 2

Loquat samples used in this study. Rt, root; Yst, young stem; Mst, mature stem; Ml, mature leave; If, inflorescence; Pe, petal; An, anther; St, stigma; Fi, filament; Ca, callus; Ov, ovule; Ys, young seed; Ms, mature seed; Fl, flower; Fi, filament; Fr1, fruit1, receptacle 21 days before anthesis; Fr2, fruit2, receptacle at anthesis; Fr3, fruit3, 56 days past anthesis; Fr4, fruit4, 102 days past anthesis; and Fr5, fruit5, mature fruit 126 days past anthesis

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