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Table 2 Combining abilities and reciprocal effects of imbibition traits

From: A machine vision platform for measuring imbibition of maize kernels: quantification of genetic effects and correlations with germination

Estimates of quadratic components k ΔA
GCA (φg) 4.9 5.7 × 10−5
SCA (φs) 8.1 9.2 × 10−5
RE (φre) 9.5 1.5 × 10−4
2φg/2φg + φs 0.55 0.56
  1. Quadratic components associated with the fixed-effects of general combining ability (GCA), specific combining ability (SCA), and reciprocal effects (RE) for the swelling constant (k), and change in area (ΔA) from the full-diallel experiment. The ratio 2φg/2φg + φs assessed the relative importance of general and specific combining abilities in determining progeny performance