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Table 2 Materials for constructing one hydroponic system

From: A sterile hydroponic system for characterising root exudates from specific root types and whole-root systems of large crop plants

Part # Material Quantity Supplier
1. 2 L polypropylene clear plastic container with a screw lid (13 cm diameter × 19 cm tall) (product code: JARC2000) 1 The Plastic Man, Mordialloc, VIC, Australia
2. 3 L polypropylene clear plastic container with a screw lid (13 cm diameter × 28.5 cm tall) (product code: JARC3000) 1
3. 500 mL polypropylene clear tube with screw cap (6.7 cm diameter × 15 cm tall) (product code: 75.9922.812) 1 Sarstedt
4. Stainless steel wire (1.6 mm diameter), cut into 1 cm length 6 N/A
5. Polyethylene plastic mesh (3 mm), cut into 6.5 cm diameter disc 1 Menzel Plastic Traders, Melrose Park, SA, Australia
6. 4 mm Threaded inline tap (product code: 1010452) 1 Pope Products, Beverley, SA, Australia
7. 4 mm Threaded adaptor (product code: 1010013) 1
8. 4 mm Elbow adaptor. One side was trimmed off and the hole was enlarged, so it can be connected to the Part #6 (product code: 1010007) 1
9. Syringe needle. The needle was removed, and only the plastic attachment base was used 5 Terumo
10. 1 mL Syringe. Only the first 2 cm of the syringe head was used. The rest was cut off and removed. This can also be used as a plastic plug when the hole sealed is sealed 2
11. 0.45 μm Nylon syringe filter (autoclavable) (product code: ESF-NY-30-045) 5 Kinesis Australia, Redland Bay, QLD, Australia
12. 0.22 μm PES sterile syringe filter (product code: Z359904) 1 Millipore
13. Medical grade silicone tubing (4 mm diameter), cut into 10 cm and 20 cm length 1 Each N/A
14. Metal bulldog clip 1 N/A
15. Air compressor (35 L min−1 capacity), (product code: HAILEA ACO-208) 1 Guandong Hailea Group, Guandong, China
16. Aquarium pump tubing (4 mm diameter) and plastic T-joints for the tubing As required N/A
17. Plastic glue (J-B Weld Plastic Bonder Syringe) As required J-B Weld, Sulphur Springs, TX
  1. Product codes were supplied whenever possible. Parts can be replaced with other suitable materials