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Table 2 List of terms and corresponding symbols used in mapping areas with unmanned areal systems (UASs) and related input and output categories in the software PhenoFly Planning Tool

From: PhenoFly Planning Tool: flight planning for high-resolution optical remote sensing with unmanned areal systems

Term Symbol \(\rightarrow\) Input/\(\leftarrow\) output
Mapping areas
 Mapping area (width/depth) \(A_x, A_y\) \(\rightarrow\) Mapping
 Ground field of view (along/across flight dir.) \(G_{{E}}, G_{S}\) \(\leftarrow\) Mapping
 Spacing between exposures E \(\leftrightarrow\) Mapping
 Spacing between flight lines S \(\leftrightarrow\) Mapping
 Percent end lap \(E_\%\) \(\leftrightarrow\) Mapping
 Percent side lap \(S_\%\) \(\leftrightarrow\) Mapping
 Number of exposures per flight line \({E}_n\) \(\leftarrow\) Mapping
 Number of flight lines \({S}_n\) \(\leftarrow\) Mapping
 Photo trigger frequency \(I_{f}\) \(\leftarrow\) Mapping
 Number of photos \(I_n\) \(\leftarrow\) Mapping
 Exposure position of photos \(I_{{\mathrm {Pos}}}\) \(\leftarrow\) Mapping
 Flight speed \(F_v\) \(\leftarrow\) Mapping
 Flight duration \(F_t\) \(\leftarrow\) Mapping
 Motion blur \(\delta\) \(\rightarrow\) Mapping
 Plot center position (x/y-axis) \(p_{{\mathrm {Pos}},x}, p_{{\mathrm {Pos}},y}\) \(\leftarrow\) Mapping
Ground control points (GCPs)
 Number of GCPs (x/y-axis) \({\text {GCP}}_{n,x}, {\text {GCP}}_{n,y}\) \(\rightarrow\) GCPs
 Position of GCPs (x/y-axis) \({\text {GCP}}_{{\mathrm {Pos}},x}, {\text {GCP}}_{{\mathrm {Pos}},y}\) \(\leftarrow\) Mapping
 GCP arrangement pattern   \(\rightarrow\) GCPs
 GCP recover frequency in photos \(\nu _{{\text {GCP}}}(k)\) \(\leftrightarrow\) Mapping
Viewing geometry
 Positioning precision (standard deviation) \(\sigma _{I_{{\mathrm {Pos}}}}\) \(\rightarrow\) Mapping
 Zenith angle frequency \(\nu _\theta (\theta )\) \(\leftarrow\) Viewing geometry
Way-point flight mapping missions
 Maximum flight duration \(F_{t, \max }\) \(\rightarrow\) Sensor/lens
 Start location (Lat, Long) \({P}_{{\mathrm {Start}}}\) \(\rightarrow\) Location
 Mapping area edge location (Lat, Long) \({P}_{{\mathrm {Edge1}}}\) \(\rightarrow\) Location
 Flight direction location (lat, long) \({P}_{{\mathrm {Dir}}}\) \(\rightarrow\) Location
 Maximum number of way-points \(P_{n,\max }\) \(\rightarrow\) Location