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Fig. 6

From: Sensitive and high throughput quantification of abscisic acid based on quantitative real time immuno-PCR

Fig. 6

Amplification analysis of a serial concentrations of ABA by qIPCR. a qIPCR was performed in QRT-PCR tubes. The PCR products were exhibited in agarose gel; b the density values of DNA bands in agarose gel were estimated by Image J software (; c amplification curve of qIPCR in the exist of 0–60 ng/L ABA. SYBR green was used to quantify the DNA in 96-well QRT-PCR plate on StrataGene Mx3000p Real-time PCR system (USA); d relationship between standard ABA concentrations and CT values. It was linear in the range of 10 ng/L and 40 ng/L. In all cases three independent biological replicates were analyzed

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