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Fig. 3

From: Sensitive and high throughput quantification of abscisic acid based on quantitative real time immuno-PCR

Fig. 3

Effect of pretreatment with glutaraldehyde on the coating efficiency of ABA McAb. a Uncoated ABA McAb in wash buffer along with the coated time. Data represent the means and SD of three independent biological replicates (n = 5). b The binding stability analysis of ABA McAb coated (400 ng) on PCR tube in TBS (tris-buffered saline, 7.5), PBS (phosphate-buffered saline, 7.4), PBST (phosphate-buffered saline plus Tween, 7.5) and Milli Q water. X represents the number of wash times. The color meaning is the protein amount (ng) in washing buffer. Data represent the means of three independent biological replicates (n = 3)

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