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Fig. 2

From: Sensitive and high throughput quantification of abscisic acid based on quantitative real time immuno-PCR

Fig. 2

Homogeneity analysis of different type of PCR tube/plate. Water (from 10 to 40 µL) was pipetted into polypropylene (PP) PCR tubes including normal PCR tube, normal 8-strip tube, QRT-PCR tube and 96-well QRT-PCR plate respectively. The waterline height was measured by vernier caliper. Homogeneity of a certain type of PCR tube was determined through comparing the waterline height difference. The results represented the waterline height difference of same type PCR tubes when adding a certain volume of water. In all cases three independent biological replicates were analyzed. N not significant. *The difference was significant (p > 0.05). **The difference was extremely significant (p < 0.01)

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