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Fig. 4

From: Anther culture in rice proportionally rescues microspores according to gametophytic gene effect and enhances genetic study of hybrid sterility

Fig. 4

Linkage analyses of S1 and S19 based on the genotypes of anther culture-induced calli. The positions of S1 (a) and S19 (b) loci (green bars), determined according to likelihood estimates (Additional file 2: Table S8) based on TRD from microspore callus induction in this study, are compared with their known positions (blue bars) [34, 35]. Genetic distances were calculated from the recombination parameters using Haldane’s mapping function. Arrowheads indicate putative locations of S1 (a) and S19 (b). Blue bars represent the physical map of the corresponding region based on the Oryza sativa japonica ‘Nipponbare’ reference genome (IRGSP-1.0). The dark blue area on each blue bar represents the region in which S1 (a) or S19 (b) was mapped [34, 35, 42]

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