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Table 1 Selected metabolites assigned in wheat stem tissues by AP-SMALDI-MS imaging

From: Histology-guided high-resolution AP-SMALDI mass spectrometry imaging of wheat-Fusarium graminearum interaction at the root–shoot junction

Compounds Location in stem base LMIa Referencesb
10 dai 14 dai 21 dai
Feruloylagmatine Leaf sheath (ep, vb)   Leaf sheath (vb) 1 [31, 32]
Iridotrial glucoside Leaf sheath (ep, vb)    2 [31, 33]
Oxo-octadecadiynoic acid Leaf sheath (ep, vb)    1 [38]
Adenosyl methionine Leaf sheath (ep)    1 [31]
Kaempferol methyl ether glucuronide   Stem   2  
Corchorusoside E   Stem (vb)   1  
Coumaroylagmatine    Leaf sheath (vb), stem (co) 1 [31,32,33]
Feruloylserotonin    Leaf sheath (vb) 1 [31, 32]
Coumaroylserotonin    Leaf sheath (vb) 1 [31,32,33]
PA(38:3)   Leaf sheath Leaf sheath 2  
PS(36:3)   Leaf sheath Leaf sheath 2  
Cerebroside C Leaf sheath (ep)     
Enniatin B   Leaf sheath (ep) Leaf sheath 1  
Enniatin B2    Leaf sheath 1  
Enniatin B4    Leaf sheath 1  
Enniatin A1    Leaf sheath 1  
Beauvericin    Leaf sheath 1  
  1. Additional file 2: Table S1 provides a complete list of annotated compounds, locations, molecular formulas, adducts, and theoretical masses. Abbreviations: co, specific location in cortex parenchyma; dai, days after root inoculation with F. graminearum; ep, specific location in epidermis; PA, phosphatidic acid; PS, phosphatidylserine; vb, specific location in vascular bundles
  2. aLevel of metabolite identification (LMI) in public databases: 1, putative compound (match to a single compound); 2, putatively characterized compound class or representative of a compound class (match to isomeric metabolites)
  3. bReferences (Ref) for metabolites detected in studies on wheat or barely resistance to the spike disease Fusarium head blight caused by F. graminearum