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Table 1 Details of laboratory colonies of cryptic B. tabaci species

From: A method for real-time classification of insect vectors of mosaic and brown streak disease in cassava plants for future implementation within a low-cost, handheld, in-field multispectral imaging sensor

Bemisia tabaci cryptic species designation Year; location of collection GenBank accession number
B. tabaci Sub-Saharan Africa 1 subgroup 1 (SSA1 SG1) 2015; Port Harcourt, Nigeria MG565970
B. tabaci Sub-Saharan Africa 2 (SSA2) 2013; Kiboga, Uganda MG565971
B. tabaci Sub-Saharan Africa 3 (SSA3) 2015; Nkalagu, Nigeria MG565972
B. tabaci Mediterranean Uganda ASL (MED ASL) 2013; Gayaza, Central Uganda MG565977
B. tabaci Mediterranean Q1 (MED Q1) 2013; Malaga, Spain MG565975
B. tabaci Sub-Saharan Africa 1 subgroup 3 (SSA1 SG3) 2013; Tanzania MG565976
B. tabaci Asia II 1 (Asia II 1) 2013; Lodhran, Pakistan MG565973
B. tabaci New World 2 (NW2) 2013, Brazil MG565974
  1. The table include the suspect viral vectors species designation, its sample date and location and the specific accession number in the GenBank