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Fig. 7

From: A multiplexed gas exchange system for increased throughput of photosynthetic capacity measurements

Fig. 7

Diagram of workflow for three methods of measuring photosynthetic capacity (Amax) by gas exchange (a Amax measured with OCTOflux; b Amax measured with a commercial single-chamber system; c Amax and other parameters inferred from A vs ci curves measured with a commercial single-chamber system), illustrating the reason for OCTOflux’s greater throughput per unit time: namely, in Amax measurements with single-chamber commercial systems b, the gas analyzer sits idle while the leaf acclimates to saturating light (which took an average of 13.8 min in the present study). Traditional A versus ci curves c take much longer still (approximately 30 min to complete measurements, vs ~ 1 min to complete a spot measurement of Amax), although they do provide much more information than Amax. Note in a that measurement of leaf areas from one OCTOflux measurement cycle can be completed during the idle time of the next cycle

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