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Fig. 1

From: A multiplexed gas exchange system for increased throughput of photosynthetic capacity measurements

Fig. 1

Photographs of OCTOflux. Clockwise from top left: a Mothership (center) connected to eight chambers on tripods. b Top deck of mothership, with chambers docked. CO2 regulator is visible at lower left. c OCTOflux in operation in the laboratory in Narrabri. Four chambers are visible at top left and top center, on tripods. Gas, power, data and thermocouple connections between chambers and the mothership are at lower center. d Two OCTOflux chambers measuring the flag leaf and second leaf of a single wheat tiller in the laboratory. e Wheat leaf in an OCTOflux chamber, below its LED light source (black object at top center). f An OCTOflux chamber connected to the mothership in the field (three truck batteries are visible on the lower level of the mothership)

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