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Table 3 TMT labelling test for FASP and SDC-FASP protocols

From: Evaluation of sample preparation methods for mass spectrometry-based proteomic analysis of barley leaves

Protocols Peptides Proteins Labelled peptides Labelling efficiency (%) Correlation (r)a
R1/R2 R1/R3 R2/R3
FASP 4157 1259 4153 99.9 0.988 0.997 0.986
SDC-FASP 4683 1280 4679 99.9 0.997 0.999 0.999
  1. For each protocol, three replicates of peptides labelled with TMT tags were combined into one sample and then subjected for LC–MS analysis. Peptides labelled with TMT tag were separated using a 60 min LC gradient
  2. aCorrelation between replicates were calculated from the quantified PSM abundance and expressed as r value; R1, R2 and R3 were three replicates of each protocol