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Table 1 Summary of efficiency of inherited deletion events in Col-0 with UBQ10 promoter driving expression of pcoCas9

From: An efficient CRISPR vector toolbox for engineering large deletions in Arabidopsis thaliana

Targeted genes 53
Genes with deletions in T1 pools 34
Size of deleted fragments  
 < 3 kb (1.7–3 kb) 3/6 (50%)
 3–7 kb 26/42 (61.9%)
 > 7 kb (7–13 kb) 5/5 (100%)
Frequency of deletion events in T1 4.8–78.6%
Genes with inheritance of deletions in T1 17/23
Deletion inheritance in T2 (≤100 T2 plants) 1-90%