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Fig. 1

From: An efficient CRISPR vector toolbox for engineering large deletions in Arabidopsis thaliana

Fig. 1

SM (super module) Destination binary vectors and sgRNA shuffle-in vectors. a Schematic representation of SM Destination binary vectors. Plant codon optimized Cas9 (pcoCas9) is driven by the promoter of UBQ10 (proUBQ10). Transcriptional termination sequences from rbcS. Blue-white selection strategy with LacZ cassette. Seed coat expressed red fluorescence from At2S3:mcherry cassette as transgenic plant selection marker. Not drawn to scale. b Schematic representation of sgRNA shuffle-in vectors. sgRNA including 20-bp target sequences and shared sgRNA sequences transcribed by A. thaliana U6 promoter. c Overhang sequences used for Golden gate cloning in generating the final binary vectors. The numbers listed in left column are indicated in a and b

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