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Fig. 5

From: RhizoChamber-Monitor: a robotic platform and software enabling characterization of root growth

Fig. 5

Diagram of local trait extraction. a The closest right (Rpt, red) and left (Lpt, green) boundary points to the black points (at an interval of 10 pixels) along the primary root (PR) skeleton (red line, insert). b The segregated lateral root groups (LRGs) and the segregated sections of PR. The LRGs and PR sections are indicated by different colors, respectively. The branching points connecting the left-/right-side laterals (L-branchPts/R-branchPts) are indicated by green/yellow points, respectively. The basal (1 mm apart from the PR section) lateral roots (LRs) or LRGs are indicated in the insert. c The left-side LRG is flipped to the right side. The center base for each LRG is indicated by yellow points. The trajectory of all LRGs for the first section of PR is indicated by red dots

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