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Table 1 Effects of two cryopreservation methods on shoot regrowth and ASGV preservation of in vitro virus-infected shoots of apple ‘Gala’

From: Cryopreservation of virus: a novel biotechnology for long-term preservation of virus in shoot tips

Treatment Shoot regrowth (%) ASGV preservation (%)
Drop-vitri 67 ± 6b 100 (20/20)
Encap-dehy 62 ± 5b 100 (20/20)
Shoot tip culture 100a 100 (20/20)
  1. Data of shoot regrowth and ASGV preservation were measured after 8 weeks of post-culture following cryopreservation. Results of shoot regrowth are presented as mean ± SE and with different letter in the same column indicating significant differences at P < 0.05. Numbers in parenthesis are number of samples showing positive response to RT-PCR/total number of samples tested
  2. Drop-vitri droplet-vitrification, Encap-dehy encapsulation-dehydration