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Table 1 Root morphology types and content of essential oil in the root drug of the cloned elite plants (CE)

From: Characterization of essential oil distribution in the root cross-section of Valeriana officinalis L. s.l. by using histological imaging techniques

Cloned elites Varieties Morphological root structure Essential oila Root fraction (diameter)
Classification ml kg−1 RF1 (< 2 mm)b RF2 (< 3 mm)b RF3 (< 4 mm)b RF4 (> 4 mm)b
CE1 ‘Anton’ Thin-rooted 8.9 (14.1)
CE2 ‘Anton’ Thin-rooted 10.4 (19.9)  
CE3 ‘Anton’ Thick-rooted 5.0 (12.9)
CE4 ‘Lubelski’ Thick-rooted 6.9 (11.3)
  1. Prevalence of root thickness fractions (RF) in the clone plants
  2. aEssential oil content of the mother plant (elites) and in brackets the cloned elites, determined in 2010 and 2012, respectively
  3. bDiameter at the base (Horizon 1, see Fig. 1) is decisive for the classification to a fraction. The indicates the formed and the — indicates the not formed fractions