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Fig. 4

From: Reference gene identification for reliable normalisation of quantitative RT-PCR data in Setaria viridis

Fig. 4

Profiling of SvCAD2 and SvCAD8 expression across thirteen developmentally distinct Setaria viridis tissues using the most suitable and least suitable sets of reference gene candidates. Normalised SvCAD2 (a) and SvCAD8 (b) expression using the most suitable set of reference genes (ASPR6 + DUSP + PP2A) and the three least suitable reference genes individually (FBoxD, PGM and SEIPIN), and in combination with one another (FBoxD + PGM + SEIPIN). MS meristematic, CEZ cell expansion, TZ transitional, MatZ mature zones, 4–6IN internode 4–6, 4–6LE leaf 4–6, IFS1–3 inflorescence stem stage 1–3

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