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Table 2 Relative root mean square errors (RRMSEs; in %) for estimates of the parameters Amax, α, and Rd obtained from the P-chamber and C-chamber

From: An innovative light chamber for measuring photosynthesis by three-dimensional plant organs

  Maximal assimilation at saturating irradiance Amax Apparent quantum yield α Dark respiration Rd
Simple equations 6%, 23% 167%, 200% 9%, 19%
Equations accounting for irradiance heterogeneity 15%, 21% 13%, 28% 6%, 18%
  1. In the first row are the RRMSEs for the estimates obtained by directly fitting the photosynthesis raw data. In the second row are the RRMSEs for the estimates obtained after rewriting the equations to account for irradiance heterogeneity. In each case, the first percentage is associated with the wheat ears and the second with the grape clusters