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Table 2 Soybean genotypes GmPDS-VIGS efficiency using the apical puncture inoculation method

From: Improved apple latent spherical virus-induced gene silencing in multiple soybean genotypes through direct inoculation of agro-infiltrated Nicotiana benthamiana extract

Genotype # of plants showing viral symptomsa/# inoculated Plant (%) showing Photo-bleachinga/# inoculated % Efficiencya
Thorne 35/50 0/50 0
Wyandot 1/50 0/50 0
Jack 30/50 30/50 60
  1. Soybean genotypes inoculated through the means of apical puncture. Symptoms observed after 21 dai. Percentage of plants showing symptoms was calculated by dividing the number of plants with symptoms divided by the total number of plants inoculated
  2. aThe total rating across multiple plants and replicates