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Fig. 2

From: Improved apple latent spherical virus-induced gene silencing in multiple soybean genotypes through direct inoculation of agro-infiltrated Nicotiana benthamiana extract

Fig. 2

Successful infection of Chenopodium quinoa and Nicotiana benthamiana plants by ALSV derivatives. a C. quinoa plants infected with inoculation buffer only (mock inoculated, left) or ALSV containing a modified RNA2 (AR2-GmPDS) (right). b N. benthamiana infiltrated with buffer (left), or Agrobacterium suspensions containing AR1, AR2-NbPDS, and p19 (right). c RT-PCR detection of AR1 in systemic leaves of two C. quinoa plants inoculated with AR1 plus AR2-NbPDS (Q, Q), and two N. benthamiana plants (Nb, Nb) infiltrated with AR1, AR2-NbPDS, and p19. Mocks are N. benthamiana (M1) and C. quinoa (M2) plants treated with inoculation buffer

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