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Fig. 2

From: A novel rejuvenation approach to induce endohormones and improve rhizogenesis in mature Juglans tree

Fig. 2

Histological details of ARF in the basal region of soft shoots in walnut. af Transverse sections prepared 1 day (a, b), 4 days (c), 5 days (d), 7 days (e), and 9 days (f) after rejuvenated soft shoots were placed in the rooting medium. gi Transverse sections of mature soft shoots in walnut prepared 1 day (g), 5 days (h), and 9 days (i) after rooting induction. a, b The basal region of the rejuvenated soft shoot contains a discontinuous sclerenchymal ring (arrows). b1 Showing sieve and companion cells (arrows). c Part of cambium is thickened and the nuclei are increased in size (c1: up arrow), some nuclei are in normal size (c1: right arrow). d Meristem cells located opposite ray cells are dividing. e The initial cells of the root primordia formed in the outermost region of the phloem. f Root primordia (the dome-like structures) grown into the cortex. g The basal region of a mature soft shoot is surrounded by a continuous sclerenchymal ring (arrows). h The xylem is thickened to about twice of the initial value. i The xylem becomes thicker over time; the other tissues do not exhibit significant changes. ca cambium, co cortex, m meristems, n nuclei, ph phloem, pi pith, r ray cell, rp root primordia, rpic root primordia initial cells, sr sclerenchyma, S&Cs sieve and companion cells, xy xylem. Scale bars: 200 μm (a, fi); 100 μm (e); 50 μm (bd) (b1, c1 was a twice magnified image respective of the red box in b, c)

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