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Fig. 1

From: A novel rejuvenation approach to induce endohormones and improve rhizogenesis in mature Juglans tree

Fig. 1

Rooting data and histological details of ARF in the basal region of soft shoots in walnut. a Rejuvenated soft shoots 1 day after cutting; a1 color of epidermis was yellow-white. b Rejuvenated soft shoots 5 days after cutting; b1 part of the soft shoots basal epidermis has browned. c Rejuvenated soft shoots 9 days after cutting; c1 the adventitious roots tip have broken through out the periderm. d Rejuvenated soft shoots 15 days after cutting; d1 the roots have broken through the epidermis and have assembled along the shoot. e Rejuvenated (Rj) soft shoot and mature (M) soft shoot rooting data, P < 0.05. f Mature soft shoots 20 days after cutting; f1 no ARF but some callus was evident in the basal regions. Scale bars: 10 mm (ad, f) (a1, b1, c1, d1 was a twice magnified image respective of the white box in a, b, c and d)

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