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Table 1 Overview of existing and recently developed 3C-based methods

From: A cautionary note on the use of chromosome conformation capture in plants

Ligation based chromatin capture method Application References
qPCR-based 3C One-to-one [23, 24]
3C-seq, 4C One-to-all [59, 60]
5C Many-to-many [61]
ChIA-PET Many-to-many [62]
Multiplex 3C-seq Many-to-all [63, 64]
HiCap,CHi-C Many-to-all [65,66,67]
Capture-C Many-to-all [68]
T2C Many-to-all [69]
Hi-C, Dnase Hi-C, Micro-C, Micro-CXL, All-to-all [67, 70,71,72,73]
TCC All-to-all [74]