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Table 2 Tentative Raman spectral peak assignments for metabolites in plants [50]

From: Surface-enhanced Raman scattering spectra revealing the inter-cultivar differences for Chinese ornamental Flos Chrysanthemum: a new promising method for plant taxonomy

Compounds Representatives Peaks (cm−1) Assignment
Amino acids Cysteine 512 ν(S–S) g g g
  Methionine 630–670 ν(C–S) g
   700–745 ν(C–S) t
Proteins Disordered structure (solvated) 1245  
Lipids/fatty acids   800–1100 ν(C–C)
Disaccharides Sucrose 1462 δ(CH2)
Bicyclic monoterpenes 1,8-Cineol 652 δ(ring)
  Sabinene 652 δ(ring)
Tetraterpenes Crocetin 1020 ρ(C–C)
Chlorophyll Chlorophyll a, b 1326  
  Chlorophyll a 1549  
Carotenoid   956–957 [32]  
  1. Vibrations: ν—stretching; δ—deformation; ρ—in-plane rocking. Conformations: ggauche; ttrans