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Fig. 5

From: Surface-enhanced Raman scattering spectra revealing the inter-cultivar differences for Chinese ornamental Flos Chrysanthemum: a new promising method for plant taxonomy

Fig. 5

Part of SERS spectra and images from the spectral library of Chinese ornamental Flos Chrysanthemum. a Madame Guo. b Flying Ziyan. c Fenghuang. d Red Frost. e Red Jinbei. f Marshal Flag. g Jade Feng. h White Jade. i White Lion. j Golden Lotus. k Green Zhaoyun. l Gushui Liuxia. m Green Window. n Fireworks. o Golden Needle. p Blue Eye. q Clean Water Huhua. r Mini Ju. s Gold Ball. t Beautiful Purple. u Beijing Red. v Afric Ju. w White Powder. x Golden Mudan

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