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Fig. 2

From: Rapid in situ 13C tracing of sucrose utilization in Arabidopsis sink and source leaves

Fig. 2

Changes of primary metabolism associated with the sink to source transition of leaves from an A. thaliana Col-0 rosette. a Heat-map of identified metabolites with robust changes of pool size from leaves of positions P1–P7. Rosettes were at vegetative growth stage 1.12–1.13. Metabolite profiles were normalized to dry mass (DM). Fifty-three of 107 (experiment 1) and 166 (experiment 2) detected metabolites were correlated between the independent experiments (r > 0.6, Pearson’s correlation coefficient) and passed one-way ANOVA and Kruskal–Wallis tests at P < 0.05 in at least one experiment (n = 9–10 rosette leaves per position and experiment). The heat-map shows mean centered log10-transformed response ratios and hierarchical clustering using Euclidian distance with complete linkage. b K-means clusters based on Euclidian distance of mean centered log10-transformed response ratios with 7 expected clusters. Cluster 0 that contained constant metabolites is not shown. c Normalized responses based on dry mass of 4 representative metabolites from clusters 2, 4, 5, and 6 (mean ± standard error)

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