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Fig. 2

From: A sensitive synthetic reporter for visualizing cytokinin signaling output in rice

Fig. 2

Histochemical localization of TCSn::GUS activity and gene expression in rice transgenic lines. Analysis was performed on transgenic lines germinated and grown hydroponically for 14 days. A (a) A 2-day-old germinated seed; (b–c) coleoptile (b) and primary root with root hair (c) in a 4-day-old germinated seed; (d–g) transverse section of stembase with axillary bud (d), primary root apical meristem (e), lateral root primordium (f), and primary seedling root with lateral root (g) in a 14-day-old seedling. Bars = 1 mm. B Expression of two Type-A regulator genes (OsRR6 and OsRR9/10) in rice in embryo and endosperm, at the tip and bottom of the coleoptile and in the meristem and maturity zones of the root

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