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TableĀ 2 Evaluation of spike detection

From: Detecting spikes of wheat plants using neural networks with Laws texture energy

Experiment Total number of imagesa Correctb Incorrectb Accuracyc (%)
2013 194 168 26 86.6
2014 206 168 38 81.5
  1. aFor 2013 dataset, we selected the image on the last imaging day for each plant; for 2014 dataset, in order to get more sample images, we took few images for each plant on the last few imaging days
  2. bManually check whether all the spikes in the image are detected, if all the spikes are recognized, and no any misclassified, we defined as correct; If there is some spikes are not recognized, or misclassified, we defined as incorrect
  3. c \(Accuracy = \frac{{N_{correct} }}{{N_{total} }} \times 100\%\)