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Fig. 2 | Plant Methods

Fig. 2

From: Detecting spikes of wheat plants using neural networks with Laws texture energy

Fig. 2

Example results from measuring the growth of individual spikes: a, b daily growth curves over a period of 8 days of two individual spikes with images of the detected spike on each day shown on the top of the curves, where day 1 is the day when the first spike became visible in the plant image and it is 42nd day after planting; c other examples of growth curves showed similar trends, which can be used to predict the growth trend in order to estimate yield at a much earlier stage. The end point is the last imaging day, while day 1 is the day when the spike became visible, it corresponds to the 42nd day after planting for curve 1, 3, the 44th and 45th day after planting for curve 2 and 4, respectively

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