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Table 5 Recombinant therapeutic proteins produced in the chloroplast of Chlanydomonas reinhadtii

From: Recent achievements obtained by chloroplast transformation

Therapeutic protein Expression References
αCD22HCH23PE40; dimeric version of αCD22PE40 0.2–0.3% TSP [86]
Human glutamic acid decarboxylase (hGAD65) 0.25–0.3% TSP [87]
Escherichia coli phytase gene (appA) Not detected [88]
CtxB-Pfs25; Plasmodium falciparum surface protein 25 fused to the β subunit of the choleratoxin from Vibrio cholera 0.09% TSP [89]
Mammary associated serum amyloid (M-SSA) 3–5% TSP [90]
αCD22CH23Gel; dimeric version of αCD22Gel 0.1–0.2% TSP [91]
Infectious burial disease virus (IBDV-VP2) 0.8–4% TCP [92]